Conveniences & Facilities :

Two treatment rooms for minor dressings / suturing etc:
In Rakshak Hospital, there are atwo treatment rooms for minor dressings and suturing.
Pathological sample collection room:
The pathology department runs 24x7 and is been loaded with the best and the next full automated instrument and machine for the testing of the samples of the patients. Routine Lab Investigations with most modern automations and opinion by experienced senior Pathologist & Microbiologists.
Wheelchair is provided on request:
Rakshak Hospital will provide the wheelchairs for the patients to move one place to other.
Emergency Department:
Emergency unit is well equipped with Cardiac Monitors,Ventilators and portable X-ray machines to save on time. It has 2 dedicated elevators for immediate transfer of patients to the
operating rooms and Intensive Care Units.
Intensive Care Unit (ICU):
An intensive care unit (ICU) are our specialized departments that provide intensive care medicine. In this area you will receive treatment by doctors and nurses who are qualified in advanced life support, trauma care.
Operation Theators:
There are one operation theator & a labour room apart from the operation theator of IVF labs. The theater are equipped with state of the art machinery.The theatre are fumigated & sterilization is certified regularly to maintain very high order of sterility. Continuous staff training & regular preventive maintenance of the equipment helps to provide smooth operations. 24 hours generator back-up ensures trouble free working irrespective of power cuts.
Ambulance Services:
Rakshak Hospital has its own ambulance services,& services are provided round the clock on request.
Accidental Care:
Accident and Emergency cases are well-co-ordinated, road evacuation service that is
easily accessible through a dedicated entrance, and has a ramp to facilitate the transfer of
patients on stretchers and wheelchairs. Accident and Emergency unit has a large treatment
room with two operative tables, lights and Anaesthesia machines and other required materials.
CT Scan
Maternity Care