In Patients Department :

Keys to remember for smooth hospitalization:
1. Admission

Kindly contact the admission counter and provide them with the details e.g. Date of Admission, Treating doctor, and Preference class of accommodation. Pre-Registration for Maternity cases is done at least 20 days before expected date of delivery. Planned Surgical / Maternity cases are required to pay deposit amount.

2. Billing And Payments

The billing department functions on all week days round the clock charges of investigations, operation theatres & doctor fees will vary according to the room category Bed charges are inclusive of diet and nursing services.If more than one surgery is performed during the same session i.e. within a single theatre slot then the patient is charged as per multiple surgeries (please refer surgical tariff for further details) Cardiac packages are only for the patients admitted in Common, Economy and Twin Sharing class.

3. Discharge

Discharges are processed round the clock in the hospital. Discharge time is 8 am and the final bill has to be cleared before 9 am. If your discharge order is received for final billing beyond 8 am you will be charged for that day. Discharge of patient will be authorized as per the doctor's opinion.

4. General Information

• Smoking, consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food is not permitted in the hospital premises.
• Mobile phones are not permitted in restricted areas of the hospital viz, ICU, Operation Theatres, MRI, Maternity Ward.
• Photography is prohibited in hospital premises.
• All medicines, consumables etc for the patient will be provided by the hospital, no outside medicine or consumables are permitted to be brought Patients are advised not to carry cash or wear or keep any jewellery during their hospitalization. The hospital is not responsible for any kind of loss.
• The admission counter / ward nurse will issue a feedback form. Please spend some time to let us know how we can serve you better.